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Ryan’s personal 7 most disappointing games (in recent memory)

There is one word that I think of most that accompanies the current gaming media: hype. Whether it’s a gaming site posting a preview of the upcoming game or a game trailer that whips gamers in to a frenzy, hyping-building is everywhere.

Although I try not to buy-in the hype that game companies are pushing on us, every now and then I can’t help myself. But the problem with falling into the hype is that your expectations become so high that anything less than a superb title will not satisfy. Here are some of the games from the last 10 years that left me wanting. Sometimes it’s a sequel that I’ve been clamoring for and sometimes it’s a new I.P. that seems like a breath of fresh air, but all built me up only to tear me down. Some of them are good or even great games, but just couldn’t live up to the hype.

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How a change of perspective helped saved to Mass Effect series for me (with a bit of headcannon)

As anyone with knowledge of the renegade antics of everyone’s favorite puncher-of-journalists, Commander Shepard, would know: We have a thing for the Mass Effect series. We love the universe, (my favorite sci-fi universe, if we don’t count Blade Runner), the story, and the amazing cast of characters. From having bro-out sessions with Garrus and Wrex to charging the Collector’s homeworld, We had a blast doing it all. Parker and I were in a solid agreement that The ME series was one of the best (if not the best) in current generation.
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