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The God of War: Ascension multiplayer is……. exactly what I expected it to be.


I tend to be one to not jump down the throats of developers that put multiplayer in the sequels of games that traditionally single-player affair. I didn’t mind when Dead Space, Mass Effect, or Bioshock got online modes as long as we got a great single-player game (and I think that we for the most part all of these were excellent.) Hell, I even liked some of the multiplayer modes that many gamers complained were “shoehorned in to just to please the COD people.”

Yet when I heard about the upcoming God of War game was introducing a new competitive multiplayer mode, I was exceptionally skeptical. How were they going to make an action hack-and-slash game into a multiplayer game? When I think of the hack-and-slash game, I think of different A.I. type enemies with different abilities that are set that the player needs to adapt to, not players battling each other with similar avatars with similar abilities. How the hell would the guys at Sony Santa Monica make this work?

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New directions that francises need

The video game industry, probably more than any other form of media, suffers from a severe case of “sequelitis.”  For last several years the biggest games released had some number attached to the name (or even worst when developers take a misguided cue from the Resident Evil movie franchise and add some vague “edgey” subtitle like revengence or ascension, looking at you Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.) Developing games is an enormously costly affair and the most likely reason for so many sequels is that developers and publishers are unwilling to pour money and resources in an unproven IP. As the cost of making a triple-A game is constantly rises, we as gamers must accept the fact that sequels are going to become the norm.

Yet this is not inherently a bad thing. Yes it seems that we get sequels that   only provide marginal improvements to the previous title (still looking Assassin’s Creed: Revelations) but every now and then we get a sequel that takes the franchise in a whole new direction. One example of this could be the hotly anticipated Bioshock: Infinite that takes some concepts from the beloved Bioshock series and puts in a whole new area.  We’ve been contemplating where some of gaming biggest series, some of which desperately need a new spin, could go in order to give the heavily sequeled out industry more fresh big name titles.

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