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Hopes and Fears: Dead Space 3


The Dead Space series has been one of my favorite new IPs this generation. Dead Space 1 was one of the first games I purchased with my PS3, picked up on a whim due to its low price tag, and ended up being a great surprise (that and Valkyria Chronicles, great way to start out). The second came out a year or so later and was among my favorites of 2011. I worried a bit about the shift to a more action-y presentation with a more vocal Isaac, but after I had played it through I was more than satisfied. While not exactly “scary” in a traditional survival-horror game sense, the Dead Space series creates a superbly tense atmosphere, keeping you on edge and alert as you progress.

And now we have Dead Space 3. I know EA has always been involved with the series as the publisher, but many of the games they’ve been involved with recently have rubbed fans (including myself) the wrong way. I have some concerns for the series I’ve become so attached to, but there’s always still an optimistic (or naïve) glimmer of hope lurking in my mind. Here’s how I’m feeling about the next entry to the Dead Space series.

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Best Series of this Generation: Dead Space

Sorry for the hiatus (to anyone that cared which we know aren’t many, if any) I was studying for the LSAT and Parker was doing his engineer shenanigans. I promise we’ll update this daily here on in.

Were starting a new series called “Best game of this Generation.” As the title suggest, were going to each day post what our favorite games of this console generation. We tried only include games that began in this generation so this can be a buyer’s guide for anyone who just bought a current console.

Dead Space

Upgrade the TPS formula popularized in RE4, put it in space, and voila, Dead Space. And just like RE4, it’s very fun to play. Using mining tools to dismember necromorphs is always pretty satisfying. But where the series truly shines is its atmosphere. The sound and lighting work that goes into these games is astounding, Visceral even has teams dedicated to shadows and lighting alone. When the first game became a surprise hit,


the sequel delivered more of what made the first great with swarms of a variety of enemies and tense situations, and managed to not screw up the transition from silent protagonist to speech-endowed. You can argue that the “horror” element is being dumbed down (and even more so looking at DS3), but I believe that the games are still fun as hell to play, jump scares and vent surprises all.

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The best comparison I’ve seen for the series is this: DS1 is to Alien as DS2 is to Aliens; both enjoyable, but one is clearly more focused on suspense/horror while the other favors action. Let us hope that DS3 will buck this trend, and we don’t have an Alien 3 on our hands.

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