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Bioshock: Infinite Review



I have to be honest with you. I beat Irrational Games’ latest installment in the highly-praised Bioshock series several weeks ago. The reason I’m only now getting to this review is not sheer laziness, but because I wanted to be as objective as possible. After seeing the end credits of Infinite I was convinced that the previous 20 hours I put in the game was some of the most engaging I have spent with any medium. Had I wrote the review then, it would have been a gush-fest and I wanted to let it settle on me a bit before posting a review.

That said here we are several weeks after my completion after Bioshock: Infinite and….. honestly not much of my opinion has changed.

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Irrational did it again


Let me set the scene for you. I was standing in line on an unusually cold night in at the Gamestop yesterday waiting for my copy Bioshock: Infinite. I normally don’t do the whole midnight thing but its Bioshock thus I will probably rob my grandmother to get my copy (I didn’t by the way.) In front of me were two guys who seemed to be middle schoolers. I thought this by their small stature, the fact a mother was with them (obviously a good parent) and their affinity for skater hats and sunglasses at night (sun never sets on a badass right?) Despite my general distain for such people, I at least had to give them props for wanting to buy a game such as Bioshock: infinite. But then I realized that one of them had an Army of Two mask in his hand, then it hit me. These guys are not in line for the most anticipated game of the last four years but they’re there for the sequel for…..Army of Two.

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Check out these awesome Ken Levine interviews!!

If your anything like me, your pants probably get a little tighter whenever you see any new info on Irrational’s upcoming Bioshock: Infinite. Loved the first two (yes both, while the first is much better I still think Bioshock 2 is a great game as well) games in the series and ever since that first trailer was shown I’ve been salivating for Infinite to get in my hands. I wanted to tell those like myself about some recent interviews with Ken Levine where he talks about the development, combat and the delays of the anticipated title due out next year.


I thought it was a top notch interview by the Rev3games guys. If your not paying attention to what Rev3games is doing, you should. Their journalist before were some of my favorite on the web but with the addition of Adam Sessler their becoming one the best sites and Youtube channels for gamers.