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I Am Anime (And So Can You! [Part 2])

So last time I recommended some anime that I thought would be good for entry-level viewers, which was fine and all, but I kept trying to work in some of my favorites. Rather than restrain myself again, I figured I’d just go ahead and recommend some of the anime I like the most. Maybe you have similar taste, who knows. Once again, this by no means me being some “anime-expert” bestowing my wisdom on plebian viewers (if someone ever claims to be that it’s OK to just ignore anything they say next), just a list of what I like, because I like it when people like things that I like.

*Edit: The last paragraph was lost during copy/paste. It’s fixed now.

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I Am Anime (And So Can You!)

September 23, 2012 1 comment

While Disingenuous Assertions is mainly a video game site, we also write about other stuff that we’re interested in. Something I’d love to talk about more is anime, but I usually only get to do so online, other than recommending a series to Ryan or another friend. So that’s what I’ll do here. A lot of people judge anime harshly after they’ve seen a select few. But it is just another medium for entertainment, diverse as an author or director want it to be. Kind of like, y’know, video games, television, movies, books, etc.  Here are some series I thought would be good for someone that would like to give the medium a try. Some are “entry-level” type shows that newer fans seem to flock to, while others are just personal favorites that I think would work similarly. So here are five recommendations, I’ll post a part 2 sometime in the near future.

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