Our rating system

Both Parker and I have finally settled down and picked one. No was not a gay couple adopting a small African child, but we picked good rating system that we’re going to start using in our game reviews. I tended to like number while he liked simple descriptive words, so we mixed to two and here is the new system.

1/5- pants on its head stupid

These types of games non only are boring gameplay wise but have atrocious stories that insults our intelligence. These are the games that you buy and after playing you have to reconsider your life decisions. Games like hunted the demon’s forge and superman 64 can be found in this pit o’ hell.

2/5 blahhhh

These games probably have some good ideas but ultimately fall on their face. They probably have some tedious gameplay or a story that waste what potential they had going for them. There may be some fun to be found here but ultimately we would say stay away from these games.

3/5 I’d hit it

No were not sex obsessed frat boys (not frat boys at least) but this colloquial phrase can be applied to how we feel about these games. While there may be some glaring issues with these games there is enough good there that it’s worth a go. These games should probably be bought at reduced prices.

4/5 good w/o booze

I enjoy booze but there are times that it may not necessary enhance every experience and these games are examples (also DUI court)

These games are what we generally are looking for in our games. They provide a good mix of gameplay and story that provided a grand ole time. Sure it’s fails in some ways, but what it does right out weight its faults.

Worth the full retail price

5/5 mind-blowing orgasmic

These games are the games that make us happy to be gamers. These titles may only come one or twice a year but when we get our hands on them they seem to dominate our gamin thoughts for weeks. There not flawless, nothing is, but these games shine in ways that few games do. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock and Zelda occupy these spaces for me and need to be a part of any gaming library.

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