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Ryan’s Ramblings: It’s the thought (perceived or actual) that count

Thanks to things like graduating college and trying to find gainful employment I haven’t posted anything in a good while. The fact that I’ve had trouble coming up with interesting ideas for writing didn’t help much either. But I think I’ve rectified these problems and hopefully will provide quality content for your eyeballs to enjoy.  Anyways I felt the need to address the major event in gaming that occurred since my last post: The xbone Xbox One vs. PS4.


Now I’m not going to have a unique opinion on this matter. I, as well as seemingly everyone, was put off by the arrogance that Microsoft displayed at their unveiling and E4 presence by attempting to enforce Draconian DRM policies with their new console. I also reviled in Jack Tretton’s evisceration of Microsoft not only from a pure “oh shit did he just do that??” aspect but something else that I believe really made Sony seem like the better option that day. They seemed to care about us the gamers.

Now I know that Sony is a massive corporation like Microsoft and just like the makers of Xbox they’re in this business for a profit and not to be our best friends. Thinking so of any console manufacturer is a symptom of the dreaded disease known as “fanboyism.” Yet it seems that Sony wants to reach out to the gamers as evident in their push of indies, lack of DRM, quality first-party games, and ps plus program. It’s that perceived caring that counts because in trying to appease the hardcore gamers you make a brand that more appealing to the audience that is going to buy your console for their main source of entertainment. Whichever company can win the hardcore gamers will walk away the winners in this generation I believe.

See Microsoft were hedging their bets on the more casual of gamers. They “won” this generation with the people who tend to just buy Madden and COD every year and watch Netflix and believed that they can do so this time around. They didn’t think they needed the more avid gamers as much so built a system around big budget titles and TV rather than catering to the guy that wants to play the indie JRPG game that he borrowed from a friend. The err in that thinking is that in making the mainstream the audience they dropped the gauntlet on not Sony this time but Apple.

While there will probably always be that Madden and COD audience around, the mainstream will move to their phones and tablets that they already own for their side entertainment rather than spend $500 dollars just to play a few titles a year. It’s almost like Microsoft is committing the same mistakes that Germany did in WWII when they attacked Russia and were forced to fight on two fronts rather than one (take what you will on my current views of Microsoft in that comparison.) Unless they attempt to make a better appeal to the avid gaming audience it’s my belief that they’ll lost to battle for the mainstream to the Ipad and return to their “roots” and find that their fans are now in bed with Sony.

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