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Irrational did it again


Let me set the scene for you. I was standing in line on an unusually cold night in at the Gamestop yesterday waiting for my copy Bioshock: Infinite. I normally don’t do the whole midnight thing but its Bioshock thus I will probably rob my grandmother to get my copy (I didn’t by the way.) In front of me were two guys who seemed to be middle schoolers. I thought this by their small stature, the fact a mother was with them (obviously a good parent) and their affinity for skater hats and sunglasses at night (sun never sets on a badass right?) Despite my general distain for such people, I at least had to give them props for wanting to buy a game such as Bioshock: infinite. But then I realized that one of them had an Army of Two mask in his hand, then it hit me. These guys are not in line for the most anticipated game of the last four years but they’re there for the sequel for…..Army of Two.

Suddenly any patience I had for their loudmouthed “discussion” of how sweet a Ghost Rider game based on the movie universe would be was gone. I restrained myself from taking my Hitman experience and murdering these kids and hiding them in the nearby Weight Watchers building (well that and my lack of a slick suit and tie.) Seemingly hours later our line moved and I got a copy of the game I have been looking forward to since 2010.

Upon getting home I fired up my PC and begun the install process. The computer told me that I would have to sit through 30 minutes of agony perform the installation was complete, so I flipped to HDMI 2 and fired up some Borderlands 2 to take my mind off of how close I was to Infinite. After about 15 minute I realized that my heart just wasn’t into the gazillion guns being offered from my xbox turned back to my PC and thumbed through the art box I got form the Premium Edition. After the 3-disked install was complete, I decided to put in the code for the extra content I got from my additional 20 bucks. Terrible mistake.

You see my broadband internet at college apartment can at time have all the lack of speed of dial-up without the danceable tones. Steam wouldn’t let me play the game until the update was complete, prolonging my pain. I searched the internet for distractions to mixed success. Finally it was done and I clicked on the Bioshock: Infinite to which steam told me to update my drivers. I literally yelled several obscenities to the PC gods and started my new trial. Finally I got the game running and set my graphics setting to ultra in order to (in my mind) offset the discomfort that buying the PC version has caused and clicked New Game.

Anyone who has seen any commercial or promotional videos on Bioshock: Infinite knows how the game opens on a boat taking your character to a light house. The light house in Infinite serves the same purpose of the light house in the original Bioshock, as a transport to the main location of the game. The original Bioshock’s decedent in Rapture is one of the most impressive openings to any game ever and as I strapped my character in to the chair for the ascension into Infinite’s Columbia I was wondering if Irrational Games could top Rapture’s introduction. When the rocket that sends you to Columbia rose above the clouds and I saw the floating city for the first time and I realized that…somehow they not only meet that bar that the original Bioshock set but exceeded it in nearly everyway

That opening alone made it all worth it..

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