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Ryan’s Ramblings- Phantom Pain is either really dumb or brilliant (while still being really dumb.


Okay Kojima, it’s starting to get a bit stupid now. We all know that Phantom Pain is some kind of Metal Gear game, just admit it and stop with the silly promotion. It took the sleuths of the internet all of about 30 minutes to see through the surreal trailer of Phantom Pain at the VGA’s and find all the possible Metal Gear references (not to mention the fact that your posse was rocking Moby Dick Stuidios t-shirts.) At first, I thought “oh that silly Kojima, he’s such a silly trickster” but then this happens

Okay some may be saying that this is all in good fun and why video game promotion can’t be fun? To those, I say I’m all for fun stupid promotion (ex giant dildo bat for Saint’s Row) as long as that promotion doesn’t insult the audience. Sitting through the cheesy acting of both Geoff and the talking mummy having the most pointless interview ever was more excruciating that funny and the only real message that can be obtained from the skit is that Kojima knows that we know without actually admitting it.

But wait, don't we all know Geoff Keighly can be trusted?

But wait, don’t we all know Geoff Keighly can be trusted?

There still is no information on what Project Pain is and how it works in the over-bloated corpses that is the Metal Gear lore . But was it really just a stupid promotion play or a brilliant unveiling of the Fox engine?

There are rumors circulating the internet suggesting that the Swedish towel that was posing as a developer was actually created in the Fox engine. Those believing this cite the fact that the camera never shows both Geoff and said towel in the same shot, the weird lighting seen the video, the goofy reaction to the Fox engine comment, the bandages and a memo saying that Kojima will host a talk about photo realism at the upcoming GDC as proof. Add that this staged interview comes out right before GDC and this theory that this was the public reveal of the Fox engines full power is a bit more believable.

While I still have my doubts; I think that the bandages were a reference the trailer and to no put a real face to a made up company, I have to say that if this is the Fox engine, well done Kojima. Don’t get me wrong, this whole promotion and publicity would still be pants-on-your-head stupid, but that type of realism would be incredible and a huge advancement in technology that can be used by games as well as other industries. If the theory is true then the limits of the graphics of futures games seems almost limitless. This type of technology should be most exciting news gaming as received in years, yet if this is true it has be revealed in the most dumbass way possible. In that sense I kind of hope this rumor isn’t true.

Still if there is one person crazy enough to do this then it’s Kojima. I would say Suda 51 is crazy enough as well but he is probably too busy dropping acid while watching B-horror films to work on this technology.

  1. disingenuousparker
    March 22, 2013 at 2:35 am

    I think it’s pretty neat, since most of the time we just get countdown timer websites that announce when an announcement will be taking place for big reveals. All the “misdirection” is silly, yeah, but the good kind. Either way, if people are talking about it, then it’s working.

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