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Irrational did it again


Let me set the scene for you. I was standing in line on an unusually cold night in at the Gamestop yesterday waiting for my copy Bioshock: Infinite. I normally don’t do the whole midnight thing but its Bioshock thus I will probably rob my grandmother to get my copy (I didn’t by the way.) In front of me were two guys who seemed to be middle schoolers. I thought this by their small stature, the fact a mother was with them (obviously a good parent) and their affinity for skater hats and sunglasses at night (sun never sets on a badass right?) Despite my general distain for such people, I at least had to give them props for wanting to buy a game such as Bioshock: infinite. But then I realized that one of them had an Army of Two mask in his hand, then it hit me. These guys are not in line for the most anticipated game of the last four years but they’re there for the sequel for…..Army of Two.

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Ryan’s Ramblings- Phantom Pain is either really dumb or brilliant (while still being really dumb.


Okay Kojima, it’s starting to get a bit stupid now. We all know that Phantom Pain is some kind of Metal Gear game, just admit it and stop with the silly promotion. It took the sleuths of the internet all of about 30 minutes to see through the surreal trailer of Phantom Pain at the VGA’s and find all the possible Metal Gear references (not to mention the fact that your posse was rocking Moby Dick Stuidios t-shirts.) At first, I thought “oh that silly Kojima, he’s such a silly trickster” but then this happens

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Games of the Now: Mid-March Edition

I don’t have the time to do full reviews of every game I play, and since most of the time I’m playing less recent releases it wouldn’t do others much good anyway. So here’s what I’ve been playing recently. I’d like to do more lengthy reviews for Dead Space 3 (recently finished it), Fire Emblem Awakening (In the middle of it), and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence (about to start it), but these will have to do in the meantime. If you’ve got any suggestions for similar games to add to my backlog or complaints of how I’m playing the game wrong, feel free to share.

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Ryan’s personal 7 most disappointing games (in recent memory)

There is one word that I think of most that accompanies the current gaming media: hype. Whether it’s a gaming site posting a preview of the upcoming game or a game trailer that whips gamers in to a frenzy, hyping-building is everywhere.

Although I try not to buy-in the hype that game companies are pushing on us, every now and then I can’t help myself. But the problem with falling into the hype is that your expectations become so high that anything less than a superb title will not satisfy. Here are some of the games from the last 10 years that left me wanting. Sometimes it’s a sequel that I’ve been clamoring for and sometimes it’s a new I.P. that seems like a breath of fresh air, but all built me up only to tear me down. Some of them are good or even great games, but just couldn’t live up to the hype.

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Thief 4 Announced- Thoughts


Today, Game Informer confirmed that Thief 4 is this month’s cover story.

The series, which has been dormant since 2004 with the release of Thief: Deadly Shadows, is often credited with being one of greatest and most influential stealth franchises of all time. Many of the games that allow us to be all sneaky-like draw immensely from the steampunk/fantasy stealth gameplay of Thief. The developers of two of my favorite games of 2012 alone, Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored¸ have said that the Thief was one of the inspirations for their stealth gameplay mechanics.

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