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For your viewing pleasure: Arrested Development


I now live in an apartment with no cable and only the internet and Netflix to sooth my entertainment woes. So I’ve taken up watch different shows and movies other for my non-gaming lazy activities. Every week or so I’m going to recommend something that I enjoyed to you: the internet

Unlike a lot of my fellow peers, I was never really into any of the major network comedy shows. Sure I enjoyed The Office every now and again, but I was never religiously glued to any of these comedy series that seem so popular and was the talk of first period in high school every week.

But a buddy of mine finally got me to watch a show that I had always heard was great, but feared was just like all the other shows that failed to hold my short attention span: Arrested Development.

To both my surprise and extreme shame,  this led me to watch the entire series in about a month.

The show is about the wealthy and maligned Blueth family, the epitome of dysfunction. When the patriarch of the family finds himself in legal trouble, it falls on the son, Michael, the only level headed one to keep them together.

Two things, in my mind, makes this show as laugh-out-loud (cliché expression, yet I mean I laughed out loud while watching it alone, which in my book means it’s hilarious because we all know you try not to laugh while alone because you think it’s weird) funny is the absurdity of the characters and the buildup of the jokes. Seemingly one off jokes used in old episodes always makes come back that top their original outing in hilarity. Add this with absurd use of cameos of famous celebrities and a complete mockery for American society and politics in the mid 2000’s and you have one of my favorite shows ever.

I feel like that is a terrible summary of a show, but I’ll try to work on that, but I don’t want these be full on reviews just recommendations.

Remember there is always money in the banana stand kids.

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