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Bethesda finally updating PS3 SKyrim for Dragonborn DLC





I have a terrible confession to make; I originally bought Skyrim for my PS3 when it first came out. The only reason I bought it for Sony’s console is because I knew I had more space on it and I hadn’t gotten a PC yet.

So I sloughed through the terribly bug ridden copy for about 30 hours when out of nowhere my save file become corrupted.  Fed up with the game I traded it in for a 360 copy (which incidentally enough I sold while trying to get money for my new PC, which I had to rebuy it on steam, yeah I love this game enough to have bought 3 copied.)

I’m hardly alone in camp of buyer remorse for PS3 SKyrim as that version is been more bug filled with the least amount of support. The first two DLC packs were promised to the PS3 crowd but Bethesda has only released it on the other platforms citing that the PS3 version was too messed up to be compatible.

Yet recently, more than a year post-release, Bethesda has said that they are working to update the PS3 version of the game to release the new Dragonborn DLC. They also said that they are still working hard to get the previous DLC to eventually be on the console.

What  do you think about this news? Is it too little too late? Did you have a PS3 copy of Skyrim? I personally think that to truly make it up to the PS3 fans, Bethesda should offer one of their DLC packs for free, but that’s just me.

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  1. December 6, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Do you have a source? Last time I heard about it, they basically said “We really want to, but no promises.”.

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