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Check out these awesome Ken Levine interviews!!

If your anything like me, your pants probably get a little tighter whenever you see any new info on Irrational’s upcoming Bioshock: Infinite. Loved the first two (yes both, while the first is much better I still think Bioshock 2 is a great game as well) games in the series and ever since that first trailer was shown I’ve been salivating for Infinite to get in my hands. I wanted to tell those like myself about some recent interviews with Ken Levine where he talks about the development, combat and the delays of the anticipated title due out next year.


I thought it was a top notch interview by the Rev3games guys. If your not paying attention to what Rev3games is doing, you should. Their journalist before were some of my favorite on the web but with the addition of Adam Sessler their becoming one the best sites and Youtube channels for gamers.




For your viewing pleasure: Arrested Development


I now live in an apartment with no cable and only the internet and Netflix to sooth my entertainment woes. So I’ve taken up watch different shows and movies other for my non-gaming lazy activities. Every week or so I’m going to recommend something that I enjoyed to you: the internet

Unlike a lot of my fellow peers, I was never really into any of the major network comedy shows. Sure I enjoyed The Office every now and again, but I was never religiously glued to any of these comedy series that seem so popular and was the talk of first period in high school every week.

But a buddy of mine finally got me to watch a show that I had always heard was great, but feared was just like all the other shows that failed to hold my short attention span: Arrested Development.

To both my surprise and extreme shame,  this led me to watch the entire series in about a month.

The show is about the wealthy and maligned Blueth family, the epitome of dysfunction. When the patriarch of the family finds himself in legal trouble, it falls on the son, Michael, the only level headed one to keep them together.

Two things, in my mind, makes this show as laugh-out-loud (cliché expression, yet I mean I laughed out loud while watching it alone, which in my book means it’s hilarious because we all know you try not to laugh while alone because you think it’s weird) funny is the absurdity of the characters and the buildup of the jokes. Seemingly one off jokes used in old episodes always makes come back that top their original outing in hilarity. Add this with absurd use of cameos of famous celebrities and a complete mockery for American society and politics in the mid 2000’s and you have one of my favorite shows ever.

I feel like that is a terrible summary of a show, but I’ll try to work on that, but I don’t want these be full on reviews just recommendations.

Remember there is always money in the banana stand kids.

Journey’s soundtrack is up for a Grammy


For the first time ever a full soundtrack (not just a lone track) from a video game has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

The PS3 downloadable game Journey’s soundtrack is going up against soundtracks of The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, The Artist, The Dark Knight Rises, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Hugo for Best Soundtrack for Visual Media. That’s some pretty lofty company for a 15 dollar indie game.

I’ve beaten Journey, and while I was not as in love with the game as others, I cannot deny that the soundtrack was phenomenal. Congrats to Austin Wintory, the composter, on the nomination.

I hope this is a step towards games finally being recognized by the mainstream media as something that can transcend just the “game” part. What do you think?

Bethesda finally updating PS3 SKyrim for Dragonborn DLC





I have a terrible confession to make; I originally bought Skyrim for my PS3 when it first came out. The only reason I bought it for Sony’s console is because I knew I had more space on it and I hadn’t gotten a PC yet.

So I sloughed through the terribly bug ridden copy for about 30 hours when out of nowhere my save file become corrupted.  Fed up with the game I traded it in for a 360 copy (which incidentally enough I sold while trying to get money for my new PC, which I had to rebuy it on steam, yeah I love this game enough to have bought 3 copied.)

I’m hardly alone in camp of buyer remorse for PS3 SKyrim as that version is been more bug filled with the least amount of support. The first two DLC packs were promised to the PS3 crowd but Bethesda has only released it on the other platforms citing that the PS3 version was too messed up to be compatible.

Yet recently, more than a year post-release, Bethesda has said that they are working to update the PS3 version of the game to release the new Dragonborn DLC. They also said that they are still working hard to get the previous DLC to eventually be on the console.

What  do you think about this news? Is it too little too late? Did you have a PS3 copy of Skyrim? I personally think that to truly make it up to the PS3 fans, Bethesda should offer one of their DLC packs for free, but that’s just me.

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