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Podcasts and video games

Gamers know how immersive and engaging our favorite medium can be. Some games make us want to tune out the rest of the world and just experience them. Yet there are those times where just the game alone is not enough, you need something else going on. Weather it be the level grinding in RPGs, online multiplayer, or sports games, sometimes it’s good to have something playing in the background. Music is great for this but lately I’ve been enjoying listening to podcast while gaming. There are so many great podcast to listen to so I decided to compile a list of my favorite gaming ones and what games I like to play while listening to them. Hopefully if you guys find yourself in a tedious level grid, you’ll beat some of the tedium by downloading some of these podcast.


Probably my personal favorite, on this site you’ll find audio podcast of movie and game reviews as well discussion and email shows. They started as a movie site that only recently adding a gaming show in the last few years, so those looking solely for gaming talks my be a bit disappointed. What gaming podcast are there however are excellent and pretty funny and I tend to agree with their reviews a lot. All of my friends that I have turned on to Spill have loved it so it is always my first suggestion in podcast.

PS Nick is a little bitch


            Yeah, Yeah I know you can spell ignorant without IGN, but I do really like these guys. There is a general weekly gaming show called Game Scoop that goes over the news of the week as well as podcast for each of the major consoles. I find the guys on the show pretty humorous and well informed. The Xbox podcast brings in interesting interview almost every week and the shenanigans of the Playstation podcast Beyond always makes my Tuesdays a little better.


1up.com is pretty hardcore when it comes to their podcast. You wont find much in the way of little discussion on recent events in the gaming industry like you do on the other site I mentioned. 1up’s podcast include; Retronauts, a podcast that picks a old game series or platform and delves deep into that topic, Active Time Babble, a RPG-center podcast and Games Dammit, which goes deep into one topic about games. I enjoyed all of thee podcast but warn that they are not for the faint of heart. These guys go into the deep cuts of old games and genres with little talk of the present. I just wish they would update a bit more frequently.

Gamers with jobs

Again these guys are for the mainstream gamer. They talk a lot about indie and pc only games but I like to listen to them anyways to know what is going on in those scenes that I rarely participate in. As the name suggest, these guys are a bit older than most gamers and bring in a different perspective on games then I do which is one of the reasons I’ve grown to add this to my podcast library.

Games that play while listening

Almost any online multiplayer

I’m not a serious multiplayer guy. I don’t need to have a high k/d ratio or a great win-loss record. I play online games for the fun of it so I don’t mind being a bit distracted by some podcast. Plus it helps keep the racist and homophobic teenagers to a minimum.

Sports Games


Despite the fact that we have a gaming-centered blog, both Parker and I love sports. So it’s only logical that there are times that the two interests meet and some sports games are played. Now anyone who has played a sports game knows that after game three, the announcers become annoying as hell. To fix this problem I mute the tv and listen to podcast in the background. I’ve won many a game with my Florida Gators in NCAA while listening to the loading bartenders on Spill discuss the latest games.

Level grinding or traveling in RPGs


Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing the hell out of the Persona series (3 and 4 mainly.) These games are a blast and have some of the best stories in all games in my opinion, but they still rely on that one thing we all hate in RPGs: grinding. There were many times where I needed to raise my party’s level up a bit to fight the next boss in a dungeon, so I threw on some podcast to easy my pain a bit. Other games like Skyrim or Fallout also need some podcast in the background (even though I love the radio songs in Fallout!!!!)


Fighting games.

Nobody is playing fighting games for the story or music, so might as well as play some Podcast Beyond while whooping ass as Ryu.

Those are my favorites, do you like to listen to podcast? If you do which ones?

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