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Best Series of this Generation: The Souls series

Were starting a new series called “Best game of this Generation.” As the title suggest, were going to each day post what our favorite games of this console generation. We tried only include games that began in this generation so this can be a buyer’s guide for anyone who just bought a current console.

THE SOULS??? Series

JRPG with western influences? Or WRPG made in Japan? We can argue semantics all day long, but in the end, who the fuck cares? It’s a great series, and your disdain/worship of glorious Nippon shouldn’t get in the way of that. Amidst all the complaints of the casualization of video games stands the Souls series, whose punishing but fair difficulty attracts those seeking a challenge.

One of the many “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME” moments of the Souls series

Demon’s Souls became a surprise hit and put the series on the map. Dark Souls followed as a spiritual successor and seems to have lived up to (if not exceeded) expectations. There are differences of opinion as to which game’s lore, levels, bosses, etc are superior, but suffice to say they’re both amazing. I prefer Dark Souls’ interconnected world map as it gives of a Metroid/Castlevania feel with the exploration, but I still had a blast exploring Demon’s Souls’ level-based worlds. The “multiplayer” aspect deserves special mentions as well. The blending of single player with the hints, bloodstains, co-op summons, and invasions is extremely unique, and from someone who usually avoids online gaming, surprisingly fun. And it’s only expanded upon by the covenants in the sequel.

This guy, like every thing else in the Souls series, wants to rape you and all of your ambitions.

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