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Best Series of this Generation: Borderlands

Were starting a new series called “Best game of this Generation.” As the title suggest, were going to each day post what our favorite games of this console generation. We tried only include games that began in this generation so this can be a buyer’s guide for anyone who just bought a current console.


Hey you like shooting things in the face? You like loot? You like humor? Then go play borderlands 1 or 2 right now!! Ok so there is little to no story in the first of Gearbox’s shooter rpg mash-up, but the addiction of seeing those damage numbers flight off you target’s body for the next sweet piece of loot more than makes up for it. The game also had a unique art style that gave color and  humor to the drab and somber post-apocalyptic genre.

This guy coming at you should be terrifying, but in Borderland it’s all part of the fun.

To be honest I picked up Borderlands on a whim and ended up sinking dozens of hours into the  game and subsequent dlc packs. These DLC packs came with new unique settings like General Knoxx’s Armory and the halloween inspired Dr. Ned, which expanded the Pandora world more. Now I have just added the squeal to my gaming library and plan on spending more of my life shooting things in the face in Pandora. I have already experienced the unbridled joy of gunzerking a shotgun and mingun on helpless midget psychos, a joy that few game series can reproduce.

Pictured above: PURE FUN!!

  1. September 22, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    I too picked up Borderlands on a whim and got a disproportionate amount of fun out of it considering what I paid for the GOTY edition.

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