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Parker’s Resignation

Whether it’s a game series, a developer/publisher’s games, a TV show, or whatever, there are those who get so frustrated with the direction a series is going that they decide to drop the whole thing altogether. The series could be dropped because the quality is in decline, an unexpected twist is not received well, or any number of reasons. I didn’t make a habit of dropping series in which I had invested a lot of time. The good times were good, and though there may have been bad times, surely it was only a momentary lull. I’m not losing all faith in a series just because its latest titles was less impressive, or not as appealing to me (Metroid, Paper Mario, Golden Sun, Castlevania, and Resident Evil seem to fit this description for me). Dropping something seemed like an overreaction, or even a false claim by attention seekers. It would just feel wrong, strange even, to cease all interaction with something after having enjoyed it so much before.

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How a change of perspective helped saved to Mass Effect series for me (with a bit of headcannon)

As anyone with knowledge of the renegade antics of everyone’s favorite puncher-of-journalists, Commander Shepard, would know: We have a thing for the Mass Effect series. We love the universe, (my favorite sci-fi universe, if we don’t count Blade Runner), the story, and the amazing cast of characters. From having bro-out sessions with Garrus and Wrex to charging the Collector’s homeworld, We had a blast doing it all. Parker and I were in a solid agreement that The ME series was one of the best (if not the best) in current generation.
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