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Ryan’s and Parker’s e 3 hopes

Along with you guys, were going to be watching all the E3 reveals and presentations, check out our top 5 things both of us hope to see this year

5. Sequels

Lets get this out of the way first. Dead Space 3, Castlevania: LoS 2, Darksiders 2, etc. Games everyone knows will be there. I'd prefer some gameplay over more trailers, and I'm really hoping that all the rumors surrounding Dead Space 3 that have been floating around lately aren't all true. Don't fuck this up EA.

4. Hilariously Awful Conferences

When I watch E3 conferences I usually only want to see a couple games from each conference, sometimes not even that. So why watch entire conferences at all? Because they are hilarious. In a bad way. Like when you're watching a terrible movie and laughing at it the whole time at inappropriate moments (i.e.- any Fast and Furious movie, enjoyable as hell, both seriously and jokingly). Can Ubisoft top last year's Mr. Caffeine? Can Microsoft show any more Kinect garbage? I certainly hope so.

3. WiiU

Is this actually a return to "hardcore" gaming for Nintendo (I hope so) or will we get a long trailer full of Mii games (oh please no)?
Will it be playable (I doubt it), and how does it feel holding a tablet-controller monstrosity to play the games (curious)?
And what about Super Smash Bros?
Please tell us, Reggie, my body is ready.

2. Surprises

With all the hype that surrounds the conference nowadays, there are hardly any surprises left. The WiiU (then known as "Project Cafe") was being talked about before it was revealed last year, but it was still the biggest talking point after all was said and done. Hopefully there will be some big announcements that nobody sees coming.

1. 3DS/Vita Games

For a while, I've been deciding which new handheld to buy[first], and since hardware alone will never dictate a gaming device's purchase, the games themselves are what I'm looking forward to. Ideally, there'll be localizations/release dates for Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, Castlevania, Soul Hackers, and the new SMT game for the 3DS. On the Vita's side, I'd like to see some new games that I can look forward to, and not just make me want to buy the Vita to replace my now dead PSP. Lets get those announcements rolling.

5. Give me a reason to buy a 3DS/Vita
Other than the PSP I bought on the cheap, I have not found a handheld since the Game Boy Advance that I really wanted to buy. There just hasn't been enough quality games that I felt I needed to play. I am hoping that at E3 there is a game that looks so good that I finally feel that owning one of the new handhelds is something I need to save for.
4. A reason to buy a Kinect/Move
I tend to laugh at stupid looking celebrity that is waving their arms in the air like a pants-on-their-heads retard. These games that they tend looks (and from what I hear play) terrible and both Sony's and Microsoft's desperate attempts to convince us that both the Move and Kinect are worthy things provide some of the best entertainment of the show. That said, I hope that there is a game that looks like it would actually be fun to play, but it is a llllooooooonnnnnnggggg shot.
3. Terrible jokes
The PR people that make terrible jokes that quiets the crowd is a guilty pleasure of mine. If I get more this

I'll be happy. Is it a bad thing that I take pleasure in others pain? Probably

2. Games!!!!
As with everyone else the main reasons I watch E3 is to see the upcoming titles in actions. Like Parker I am really pumped for some of the sequels such as Castlevania LOS 2, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, and Halo 4. Again like him I perfer gameplay but I can also tend to be a sucker for a slick looking trailer, so as long as we get good info in these games I am happy. I am also looking for random new games to pop up and hopefully they look cool.

1. The Radio Silence is broken
Half-life 3
The Last Guardian
Bioshock: Infinite 

I.........Want.........these......games........ give......me.... info....... please....


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