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E3 2012 Grades

After watching the show a couple weeks back, here are the grades I would award each of the press conferences. Because assigning arbitrary letter grades, from a regular video game player’s point of view, to a company’s presentation of its product lineup for the benefit of investors is something I like to do. No minus grades because I hate them.

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Review: Tales of Graces F

I worry about the Tales of series sometimes. English-speaking audiences are forced to wait for localizations of the main titles, if they come at all. When they do make the trip overseas there is still the risk of poor advertising and sales (which, call me crazy, may have some influence on each other), leading Namco Bandai to rationalize that there is no market for niche JRPG’s (although Tales is, if my information is not outdated, the third bestselling franchise in the genre behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior). And then there’s the release schedule, where Tales games are pumped out yearly by a two rotating teams, in a similar fashion to another well-known game series. There are plenty of things to worry about, leading me to be apprehensive when approaching Tales of Graces F, the latest release in the Tales series. And after sitting down and playing the game, a little late, thanks to exams and such, I am pleased to say many of those initial concerns have been quelled.

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Ryan’s and Parker’s e 3 hopes

Along with you guys, were going to be watching all the E3 reveals and presentations, check out our top 5 things both of us hope to see this year

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Max Payne 3 review

As I stood in line waiting to pick up Max Payne 3, I noticed that I was surrounded but a ton of poorly dressed ( I was in my hometown of Orlando, after-all, and were not exactly known for our sense of style) fellow gamers around talking about the right-clicking exercise program known as Diablo III. This isn’t to disparage Blizzard’s title, in fact I found myself depressed that my lowly MacBook couldn’t handle the dungeon crawler.

Luckily, being in the mind set was a perfect way to start a night of murder, drug abuse and alcoholism playing Max Payne. After a few sweet-looking John Woo style shootouts, however, any sadness from not killing demons with my right middle finger left as I found myself fully engrossed in Rockstar’s first fray in the Max Payne series.

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